Mari Thynne

Both the UK Research Council and Lancaster University Management School support my PhD study. My research and teaching interests are within Organisation, Work and Technology as I explore how creative artists in theatre organisations work with digital interventions and 'make sense' of audience interactions before they occur. Both forethought and subsequent ethical, aesthetic and financial value streams are explored through an inductive and wholly qualitative approach. The aim is to impact both scholarly and management practice levels within wider creative environments.

Peripheral, yet important, to this exploration is a NEMODE Research Council UK scoping study. Subjective value forms were explored in this commissioned inquiry, conducted May-July 2014.


Mari has a BA (hons) in Theatre (Dartington 1995), Master of Research in Management (Bath 2007) and Master of Digital Innovation (Lancaster 2013). She has held senior management roles within Higher Education and prior to this, was Artistic Director of Theatre of Red Earth - a UK experimental theatre company.


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